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We have been running choral workshops in France since the creation of the association :
19 summer choral workshops and 14 weekend courses.
"Rouse yourselves sleeping hearts…"
                                         Birdsong by Clément Janequin
Our association 'Le Chant des Oyseaux' is aimed at practice and promotion of high standard choral singing. We run enhancement workshops, not note-learning workshops. Singers are expected to have studied the notes at home on their own before the workshop. So our choral workshops can offer the chance of a thorough work and an ever more active and finer listening in a very friendly and joyful atmosphere.
Workshops 1 and 2 are open to amateur choral singers aged 18 years and over with a sound choral background and a weekly vocal practice, much involved in the work of preparation and improvement.
Workshop 3 is open to choral conductors or music teachers with a good vocal practice. 
We propose an optional pre-course workshop in June to people who take part in our summer choral workshops 1 or 2 and we send MIDI files to singers who do not read music.
"…Uncork your ears…"
                                            C. Janequin
Singers come from all over France, Europe and overseas. We welcomed singers coming from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Morocco, Spain, Switzerland, UK and USA. 
Numbers are limited (40 participants). So if you would be interested in a summer choral workshop, please apply a.s.a.p.
Official languages of our choral workshops : both English and French.


We run choral workshops in three different regions of France (Brittany, Languedoc-Roussillon and Rhône-Alps). Our workshops are usually held in summer but we occasionally propose weekends during other seasons.


We choose jewels of choral music out of the major opera or oratorio repertoire. Our choral workshops mainly focus on a cappella music both sacred and secular. Please be curious, there are so many gorgeous musics to discover.
In France, religion and State are separated. It is common to sing sacred music out of services. So we do not sing in services or evensong during our choral workshops. This way of making music can be unusual to some of you. Do test it and see !
We invite you to learn more about our upcoming choral workshops. Please have a look and enjoy your visit !
We look forward to seeing you in our upcoming summer choral workshops. Please get in touch !
                              Choral workshops in Arradon                                                    Choral workshops
                                                                                                                   in the abbey of Caunes-Minervois
A painter paints pictures on canvas. 
But musicians paint their pictures on silence.'
This website will be updated shortly. Stay tuned !

1st Choral Workshop  

July …, 2015   to be updated
in Arradon - Gulf of Morbihan
Brittany - France
Repertoire tbc.

2nd Choral Workshop

August 1-8, 2015
in the abbey of Caunes-Minervois
Languedoc-Roussillon - France

Repertoire tbc


3rd Choral Workshop 

August 9-15, 2015
in the abbey of Caunes-Minervois
Languedoc-Roussillon - France
Open to choral conductors and music teachers
Repertoire tbc


… June 2015 in Lyon (France)   more information on page '1st choral workshop'
… June 2015 in Lyon (France)   more information on page '2nd choral workshop'



Le Chant des Oyseaux run choral workshops under Franck Pellé-Rolland who is the musical director.


We would appreciate to hear from you.
Email : Choral workshops in France
Phone +33 967 071 166


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